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Aircraft Acquisition Services

Windy City Flyers has been providing aircraft owners with expert guidance and cost-saving consultation for nearly 25 years.  There are various choices, issues and aspects involved in owning an aircraft.  The financial and legal options may vary significantly depending on your situation. Our aircraft acquisition services include the following:

  • Conduct needs analysis and research
  • Inspect aircraft logs and administrative records (airworthiness, log books, maintenance history, inspection dates, etc.)
  • Initiate preliminary price negotiations
  • Coordinate and arrange physical pre‑purchase inspection
  • Contact previous maintenance shops, owners/operators
  • Discuss transfer of ownership
  • Coordinate title search, transfer of ownership, insurance coverage
  • Assist with coordinating financing, escrow and final payment arrangements
  • Prepare the FAA bill of sale and registration forms
  • Prepare the FAA LLC form (if applicable)
  • Assist in coordinating aircraft pick up and parking arrangements
  • Assist in finding a qualified maintenance shop
  • Provide guidance if interested in leaseback

Click here to see a list of aircraft for sale.

For more information on our aircraft acquisition services, please feel free to call Stewart Kerr at 847-808-1188.


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