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Instrument Pilot Training

After achieving your goal of that coveted Private Pilot’s license you will be ready for the best step in aviation, the Instrument Rating. You will then be able to fly in instrument metrological conditions using state of the art avionics, including modern GPS’s. We have a Redbird FMX-1000 and Frasca 142 simulator, a staff of professional flight instructors and well-equipped aircraft ready to help you achieve your goal.

FAA Requirements

  • 40 hours of instrument flight training
    • 20 of the 40 hours can be completed in either of our simulators
  • 50 hours of PIC cross country time
  • Receive and log the required aeronautical knowledge
  • Pass the FAA Instrument Pilot written test
  • Pass a check ride given by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner 

Please remember that these are the FAA minimums and that everyone learns at a different pace.  However, you will find that WCF has a progress chart and a very comprehensive syllabus that details out every lesson so that both the Instructor and Student are maximizing each lesson. 

Curriculum – Our syllabus is designed to quickly and effectively guide you through your instrument pilot flight training.




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