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Instrument Currency & IFR Proficiency Check

Thank you for your interest in a IFR Proficiency Check from the Windy City Flight Training Department. This page will provide you with the answers to frequently asked IPC questions and a guide to help you prepare for your IPC. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to call (847) 808–1188 and we will be glad to help.

You can use our Frasca or Redbird simulator to maintain instrument currency, or if you need an Instrument Proficency Check (IPC), the Frasca can be used to meet a majority of the IPC requirements.  The enhanced visual system allows for flying approaches down to minimums and then seeing the actual lighting system of O’Hare’s Runway 27L, as well as a number of other airports including Chicago Executive. In addition, for realism, a function of the simulator allows the visual appearance of ground fog as you transition from Instruments to Visual at Decision Height at Night.

The challenges these training device offers can enhance the level of your experience and take you as high as you would like to go.

Who needs an IPC?

According to 14CFR §61.57, “a person who does not meet the instrument experience requirements of this section within the prescribed time, or within six calendar months after the prescribed time, may not act as a pilot in command under IFR or in weather conditions less then the minimums prescribed for VFR.”

This means that if you go for 12 months without logging six approaches, a hold, and intercepting and tracking navigational courses using the radio, you are in violation of the FARs and subject to disciplinary action if you fly in the IFR system.

What do I have to do to complete an IPC?

Once again citing 14CFR §61.57, “a representative number of tasks required by the instrument rating practical test.”

This implies that you need to demonstrate practical knowledge of the maneuvers that you were tested on during your initial instrument rating check ride. The difference being that you do not need to do all the maneuvers… just enough to demonstrate that you still know what you’re doing and are safe to operate within the IFR system.

Can I fail an IPC?

No! Remember… you are already an instrument rated pilot. The IPC is designed to make you a more competent and proficient pilot after an absence from instrument flying. Safety is the number one priority of the FAA and it should be yours also.

Who do I go to for my IPC?

There are several places to turn to for an IPC. An FAA examiner, a company check pilot, and a person approved by the Administrator are a few of the choices. The easiest place to go for an IPC is to your favorite Windy City flight instructor.

How do I prepare for my IPC?

A comprehensive review of the procedures involved in instrument flight is a must. Focus should be placed on a consistent method of performing the tasks associated with a normal IFR flight as well as emergency procedures. For more information please call Windy City Flight Training at (847) 808-1188.


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