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Garmin 1000 (G1000) Training


Redbird G1000 Setup

The Garmin G1000 training course is designed to assist you when flying a technically advanced aircraft.  What is a technically advanced aircraft?  Technically advanced aircraft are equipped with new-generation avionics that take full advantage of computing power and modern navigational aids to improve pilot positional awareness, system redundancy, and depending upon equipment, improve in-cockpit information about traffic, weather, and terrain.  The FAA will define it as an aircraft equipped with at least a moving-map display an IFR-approved GPS, and an autopilot.

The training is designed to assist pilots with or without instrument ratings and help them utilize the G1000 for basic to advanced VFR and IFR functions.  Depending on the pilots familiarity and experience level with the G1000 lessons can be completed on a PC-Trainer, Redbird FMX-1000 simulator or in one of our G1000 equipped aircraft.

Every lesson includes standard training items and is divided into four parts: (1) preflight discussion; (2) in-flight training; (3) post flight briefing; (4) homework assignment.  Each lesson emphasizes specific knowledge, skills and techniques.   A progress chart and comprehensive syllabus are included so we can monitor your advancement through our program and maximize each lesson.  Not everyone advances at the same rate, and some lessons may be repeated in order to master the emphasis items for that lesson.

Garmin G1000 Cockpit - N2012F 


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