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Flight Training

We are the largest Flight Training School in the Chicago Land area located at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK).

The Windy City Flyers’ Flight Training Programs are complete, structured, and thorough. All flight and ground instruction is conducted according to organized syllabi. Every lesson is structured to achieve a clearly defined goal and student progress is accurately tracked. No time is wasted and nothing is left out. Windy City Flyers’ Flight Training offers pilot training programs from Private Pilot all the way through to the Airline Transport Pilot level. You can earn single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings here. We also have formal programs to help you earn certification as a Flight Instructor.

Windy City Flyers’ Flight Training employs a full-time professional teaching staff. All instructors have complete credentials as FAA- Certificated Instructors. All part-time instructors These highly experienced pilots come from richly diverse aviation backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: They are dedicated teachers. Our staff includes ex- airline pilots, corporate jet pilots, and instructors who have served on the staffs of various university flight-training departments.

Wind City Flyers is also striving to provide the most effective and innovative training for our students.  We’ve employed WebEx, an online interactive meeting site, as a way to continue training when meeting at the airport isn’t feasible.  Webex is cloud based so no special software is required but web cam is highly recommended.  High definition video, interactive whiteboard and file sharing are just some of the many features that a WebEx meeting contains.



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