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Flight Training

Located at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK), Windy City is  the largest flight school in the Chicagoland area.  We are proud to be a Cirrus Training Center (CTC) and recognized in 2017 as a AOPA Distinguished Flight School.

Our Flight Training Programs are complete, concise, and thorough.  All instruction is conducted according to an organized syllabus and and every lesson is structured to achieve a clearly defined goal.  Windy City Flyers’ Flight Training offers pilot training programs from Private Pilot all the way through to the Airline Transport Pilot level. You can earn single-engine, multi-engine, and instrument ratings at our facility.


  • Discovery Flight – The first step toward getting your pilot license – an introductory flight!
  • Private Pilot – Beginner Pilots click here.
  • Instrument Pilot – Learn to fly through adverse weather with only your instruments.
  • Commercial Pilot – Get your Commercial Rating and get paid to fly.
  • Multi-Engine Training – For those that prefer two engines.
  • Airline Transport Pilot – For those aspiring to fly for the airlines.
  • Certificated Flight Instructor – Get your CFI Rating and teach others to fly.


  • High Altitude – Fly HIGHER
  • High Performance – Fly FASTER
  • Complex Training Endorsements – Fly aircraft with retractable gear, controllable pitch propellers, etc.

Specialized Training

Windy City Flyers’ Flight Training employs a full-time professional teaching staff. All instructors have complete credentials as FAA- Certificated Instructors. These highly experienced pilots come from richly diverse aviation backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: They are dedicated teachers. Our staff includes ex- airline pilots, corporate jet pilots, and instructors who have served on the staffs of various university flight-training departments.

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