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Discovery Flights

Have you always wanted to fly an airplane?

Whether a bucket list item, or lifelong dream, the Discovery Flight is the first step in introducing you to the cockpit of a real airplane and take flight.  The Discovery Flight is a structured flight lesson and allows you to take the controls – this is NOT just an ordinary airplane ride!

First time flying? No need to worry, one of our FAA-certified flight instructors will guide you through all phases of flight, including:

  • Ground discussion and weather briefing

  • Hands-on preflight of the airplane

  • Use of checklists

  • Radio communication with the tower

  • Takeoff and in-flight maneuvers

  • Landing the airplane and post-flight briefings

Discovery Flight

A typical discovery flight can include flying down the Chicago Skyline, fly north toward Lake Geneva, perform maneuvers in the practice area, or pass landmarks like Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, Millennium Park and Northerly Island.
Cessna 172 – $245 DSC_0631 - Copy_cr

Bring a friends!   In the Cessna 172, there is no extra charge to bring up to 2 additional passengers (number of additional passengers will ultimately depend on weight and balance limitations – please call us if you have any questions).

For more information about discovery flights or flight training, contact Liz Dorman, our Director of Client Services at 847-808-1188, or email liz@windycityaviation.com.  Windy City Flyers offers structured, self-paced flight lessons that can fit into any schedule. Every flying lesson is a new adventure!.

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