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Flying Club

Our flying club is the heart of our business.  Our members are more than customers, they’re family.  As a member of Chicagoland’s premier flying club, you have the freedom to fly as if you owned your own airplane.  Flying club memberships are available to reduce rental rates for regular flyers. However, a flying club membership is not required to fly with an instructor or work towards a license or rating.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Reduced Hourly Rates (pay Tachometer rates for most of our aircraft. Savings of 10-30% compared with Hobbs rates are typical)
  2. No Minimum Daily Charges
  3. No Overnight Fees
  4. Bonus Fuel Credit Program
  5. We sponsor regular Safety Seminars which are free to all members and also qualify as part of the FAA Wings Program
  6. Member networking (share a ride/expenses, safety pilot – offer to be one or ask for one, fly to new desinations)
  7. Access to our Member Forum (coming soon)

Membership Options:

a) FULL MEMBER: These members are licensed pilots with access to our entire fleet, pending proper training received. This type of membership allows customers to reserve and rent aircraft for unlimited periods of time on a first-come, first-served basis. Full Members are entitled to wet, tach rates and no minimum daily charges or no overnight fees apply.

b) STUDENT MEMBER: These members are non-certificated pilots in training. Students may choose whether or not to pay a membership fee. Those choosing to become a Student Member receive tach rates, similar to a Full Member, however cannot carry passengers or keep the aircraft overnight. Student members are guaranteed a Full Member status upon receiving their Private Pilots License.

c) LIMITED MEMBER: This type of membership is designed for a certificated (private or better) pilot working with us temporarily on an advanced rating or license (e.g. commercial, instrument, multi, etc.). Limited Members do not pay a membership fee, but are limited to dual flights and supervised solo flights only (solo flights are allowed for practicing maneuvers or logging required cross-country time). They cannot take passengers along and are not allowed to take the aircraft overnight. Limited Members pay hobbs rates by the hobbs hour.


How to Join:

To learn more about the Windy City Flyers flight club membership program, please contact Liz Ganz, Director of Client Services, at 847-808-1188, or email liz@windycityaviation.com




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