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Airline Simulator Prep

Airline Simulator Prep

For pilots aspiring to sit in the Flightdeck of an airliner, Windy City Flyers offers Pre-Hire Airline Simulator Prep training. Many airlines today that conduct a pre-hire simulator test utilize the Frasca 142 during the interview and application process. What better way to prepare than to fly a Frasca 142 at Windy City Flyers in a multitude of scenarios and environments.

Our staff of instructors along with our alumni, many of whom currently fly for an airline, have together produced a curriculum of simulator training geared towards the aspiring new hire. With the Frasca 142 simulator and the combined vast knowledge of Windy City Flyers current and alumni staff we can assist you in handling that tension filled simulator session during the hiring process which can be the deciding factor of hearing “You’re Hired!”

United-Airlines 747 787 Cockpit


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