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Aircraft Purchase Consulting

Whether buying or selling, Windy City Flyers has been providing aircraft owners with expert guidance and cost-saving consultation for nearly 27 years.  There are various choices, issues and aspects involved in owning an aircraft.  The financial and legal options may vary significantly depending on your situation.

Purchasing an Aircraft

  • Conduct needs analysis
  • Research market and provide qualified options
  • Conduct preliminary aircraft inspections
  • Price negotiations
  • Coordinate and arrange physical pre‑purchase inspection
  • Aircraft registration and transfer of ownership coordination
  • Leaseback guidance (if requested)

Selling an Aircraft

  • Aircraft valuation and market Analysis
  • List aircraft in trades and industry resources
  • Network outreach
  • Price negotiations
  • Aircraft relocation services (if needed)
  • Tax and financial resources

For more information on our aircraft acquisition services, please feel free to contact Dave Nichols at 847-808-1188.

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