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Membership Options and Costs

Your Pricing Options

Windy City Flyers’ Price List includes two different hourly rates for aircraft training and rental. The time and charges for Full Club Members is calculated by using the aircraft’s Tach Meter (or Tachometer). The rates for all others are calculated by using the aircraft’s Hobbs Meter.

“Hobbs” Rates (Non-members) vs “Tach” Rates (Members)

A Hobbs Meter measures how long the engine has been running regardless of engine speed, whereas the Tach MeterHobbs Meter measures the number of revolutions the propeller makes per minute.  The Tach is equal to the Hobbs only when the engine is running at full speed.  The Tach will always total less than the Hobbs meter for any given flight.

Using Tach rates, our club members save substantially when renting aircraft because the engine operates at low power settings during many phases of flight, including taxiing for departure, waiting for takeoff, on approach for landing and during the taxi back to parking.

Student pilots can especially benefit with Tach rates because a tremendous amount of training is spent at low power settings, including traffic pattern work (takeoff and landing practice), slow flight and stalls.

For example, during a one-hour flight in our Cessna 172SP the Hobbs Meter will turn over by 1.0.  However, in the same one-hour flight,Tachometer the Tach Meter might only turn over 0.7.  If the Hobbs rate for that aircraft was $86, the Tach rate for the same flight would only cost $67.20. In either case, a pilot logs the full hour in his/her logbook.  Overall, our members save between 20% – 30% when comparing Hobbs rates vs Tach rates – which can result in thousands of dollars of savings each year!

The one-time membership fee is $695 with recurring monthly dues.  Student pilots may choose whether or not to become a Full Member during their first lesson, but will not be charged monthly dues until after they have earned their Private Pilot License – this allows students to realize immediate savings for training. Regardless of membership status, we offer all students the highest quality in flight instruction and instructor rates are the same whether you have a membership or not.

Fuel prices are always changing.  For the latest aircraft rates, please contact us, or call our office at 847-808-1188..

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